UNIT 440

Private Apartment
with 3 separate bedrooms

Located on the fourth floor

1095 Budapest
Ipar utca 21.

Private kitchen and bathroom

Washing machine, elevator

Beautiful views from the rooms
FLAT 440
Occupied until 30.06.2021

Current Tenant has a deadline until 15.05.2021 to decide about the extension. Check back later!
Prices in HUF per month for the entire apartment. Utilities not included. Private bathroom, restroom and kitchen, street facing.

Monthly rent*

175,000 for max. 6 people

+ Utilities (~50-80 000 HUF/month)

*rentable minimum until June 30, 2022

Utility costs (average)

Electricity: 10,000

Gas: 15,000

Water and sewage fee: 5,000

Common cost: 29,290

Internet: 7,990 (1000 MB/s)*

Monthly summary

175,000 + approx. 59,290

*The internet subscription can be modified due to the wish of the Tenant(s).


Amenities included in the price


Operating on weekdays. Staff members are reachable 24/7 in case of emergency.

Central Location
Non-stop tram 4-6 and Boráros bus terminal is only ten minutes away by walk.

Our maintenance colleagues are solving technical issues on working days.

other services

Amenities at extra costs

5 000 HUF/set to buy it and you wash it for yourself.
10 000 HUF/set/month if you order a weekly change when we are signing the contract. In this case you do not buy the bedding.

Choose any of the IKEA office chairs or standing lamps and we are delivering and assembling it for you for the IKEA item price within 48 hours. You will need to pay for the chosen item(s).


Private washing machine is available if you rent this apartment (440).


Spots are available for 10 000 HUF/month if added to contract or 15 000 HUF/month if not added just paid occasionally.

Title Address Description
Your Room is Here
Budapest, Ipar u. 21, 1095 Hongrie
Black Cab Burger
Budapest, Mester u. 46, 1095 Hongrie
TRAM 4-6
Budapest, Mester u. & Ferenc krt., 1092 Hongrie
24 hours Corner Store
Budapest, Mester u. 20, 1095 Hongrie
Grocery Store - Spar
Budapest, Mester u. 1, 1095 Hongrie
ATM and Grocery Store
Budapest, Mester u. 30-32, 1095 Hongrie
Gelato Shop
Budapest, Mester u. 40, 1095 Hongrie
Fabito Pizzeria
Budapest, Mester u. 15, 1095 Hongrie
Restaurant Street - Tompa Street
Budapest, Tompa u. 7, 1094 Hongrie
OTP Bank
Budapest, Ferenc krt. 13, 1094 Hongrie
Bus & Tram to Downtown
Budapest, Boráros tér, Hongrie
UniCredit Bank
Budapest, Boráros tér 7, 1095 Hongrie
Budapest, Boráros tér 4, 1095 Hongrie
Optician - Ofotert
Budapest, Boráros tér 6, 1095 Hongrie
Optician - Mesteroptika Kft.
Budapest, Mester u. 8, 1095 Hongrie
Bubbles Laundry
Budapest, Vaskapu u. 9, 1097 Hongrie

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