Budapest Budget Rooms is a real family business owned and managed by 30 years old family companies with quite an experience in the business.

Vera and Lacó, owners and managers of Budapest Budget Rooms. They met in 2012 during their hospitality studies at Metropolitan University of Budapest and married in 2018. During their studies they were handling international students from all over the world as they were leaders of the Erasmus Student Network section of their University with a bunch of other interesting people. During and after the university years they ran their 250 bed Budapest Budget Hostel for 5 years until the pandemic hit. In 2020 they switched their 65 rooms – previously furnished for tourists who spent a few days – to rooms comfortable for long term tenants. They realized that this is even more fun than the Hostel was. For 2021 all of the rooms were occupied by nice international tenants from all over the world. In 2022 instead of switching back for hostel guests they decided to continue renting rooms only for long term (minimum 10-12 months) tenants.

Vera is mostly handling administrative tasks of the rents. If you move into one of the rooms you surely will get some friendly reminders from her to help you not to miss important events. Lacó is mostly working with technical issues. If something needs to be solved mostly he will be the one who organizes the proper steps. Vera and Lacó are living in the same building in Ipar utca where most of the rents are taking place. A very important staff member, Georgie, is living with them as well.

You also might meet with Kati and Gábor, Lacó’s parents who built up the whole enterprise. They also live in the building in Ipar utca in their own apartment close to Vera and Lacó. They are quite a couple. They started their Journey in Szeged with computer shops back in the good old 90’s. After a while they also started to sell office furniture and expanded their operation from Szeged to Budapest as well. As the computer business went well they started to invest into properties and once the computer business became less exciting for them they switched to renovating and selling properties. During the years most of the operation has been placed to the IX. district of Budapest. As a new experience they started to run a Hostel here. As their kids Zsuzsi and Lacó grew older and got some experience at other places as well they joined the family business and slowly but surely took over the Hostel at Budapest and opened a new one in Szeged (their hometown).